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File: php0Fa0Fc.png (123 KB, 1576x870) [EXIF]
123 KB
If you're thin-skinned enough to ban somebody because they called you a "control freak special snow flake", at least give them a ban page, or they wont even know if they're ban evading. Not a whole lot to ask for from "professionals".
(・∀・) The only thing proffessional about us is how good we are at making you buttmad (・∀・)
k. So nobody has any reason to respect the rules on your sites then.
File: 1618417238642.png (569 KB, 573x749) [EXIF]
569 KB
>k. So nobody has any reason to respect the rules on your sites then.
I regularly posted on the loli board and was the one who suggested new hosts in the thread pinned above. It's sad the bare minimum transparency you'd get even on 4chan can't be found here.
So why dont you email the spamdb thing or kuz? Theres a proper appeals process you know. Mods are universally shit people and insulting them just makes them shittier
>Theres a proper appeals process you know.
Yeah, and where is that written down? Funny there's a "proper appeals process" when there's not a proper ban process.
There is a proper ban process retard, and thats probably what you went through, when you get added to the spam database you are blocked from accessing the sites.

>Accidentally in one of our lists? Please email spam@kolyma.org with your IP and we will look into the matter.
Searched my ip in the spamdb, it's not in there. And my "spam" wasn't deleted either.
>Accidentally in one of our lists? Please email spam@kolyma.org with your IP and we will look into the matter.
Where exactly is that written down?
>> 90 KB
I hate people who spam or make shitty threads complain about a lack of proffesionalism
Its in the info section on spamdb's website
File: php2REyph.png (35 KB, 769x407) [EXIF]
35 KB
So people have to go through a proxy or vpn to find out how to appeal being "accidentally" added(assuming they mange to figure out they were). Amazing how the sycophants here defend mod faggotry.
Because somehow you have managed to be significantly more faggoty then the mods
It's good that passerby can now see how bad kolyma's approach is when there's a "false flag".
Your thread on heyuri had absolutely no correlation to the subject matter of the board, and considering the hostile manner it was written in, and the fact that you share the same ip range with 2 known spammers (one of which is known as cull), your IP was added to the spam list by one of the moderators. You then went on to make multiple rule-breaking threads on Heyuris /b/ board, before being banned there after a warning.

Then you come here, and make your case worse by demonstration your lack of knowledge on the way the database works, and being hostile further.

You werent blacklisted for hostility, you were blacklisted because it was determined that there was a very high likelihood of you being one of the 2 ban evading spammers, your spam and unecessary hostility just added to the suspicion, and without it, you would have likely remained unbanned.

If you would like to request a removal from the spam database, you should use the venues which have been specified on the spamdb website, not here.

Thank you.
I made exactly one thread on /b/ months ago. Any others made with this proxy aren't mine.

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