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File: enter.png (334 KB, 1003x766) [EXIF]
334 KB
After a letter from the domain registrar regarding a violation of their ToS on "Child Exploitation Material", we will no longer be hosting this website and stricter policies on drawn lines on paper will be enforced. Afterall, every time you look at fictional lolicon, a real child is hurt somewhere in the world.

Sorry folks.
Change the fucking domain registar.
I cant, they are holding the domain hostage and threatening a lawsuit.

I will bring the website back online as TOR only.
What kind of lawsuit? And why not have a new domain?
Reccommend me a loli-friendly registrar then
File: hosting.png (682 KB, 800x8300) [EXIF]
682 KB
You may use ti6uvyveszwck3gjojxsgx5wb5h6s56pbgulbf6ump5z7r4z7qn4mqid.onion at the moment
Good news, we will be using the privacy-centric njal.la service for domains from now on. A new loliboard domain will be coming soon.
File: 0907c5ef35a83ebec4706864850c3567.jpg (89 KB, 1024x1024) [EXIF]
89 KB
The domain name for loliboard has changed: https://lolis.g3.pm/

In addition, the other G3 websites now have backup links at:

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