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File: rb.png (480 KB, 800x697) [EXIF]
480 KB
We must struggle against the gang of 3:

This thread is for discussion and planning on actions taken against the daring american bastard, Robert Brown of Seattle Washington. His crimes include posting child pornography, slandering dearest kuznetsov, allying with the enemy to promote anti-kolyma propaganda, and attempting to dox multiple innocent people.

His "multich" website mass-censors and filters any discussion relating to his misdeeds.

An eye for an eye! Lets struggle against him!
Struggle Objectives:
1. Find Robert Browns middle name
2. Promote anti-multich sentiments and warn users of its danger
3. Attack the gang of 3 wherever its found
4. Reveal the truth about multich
5. Combat misinformation in the cliques' chatrooms.
Down with Robert Brown! Down with the anti-kolyma clique!

Yahoo! ^_^
Down with Robert Brown! Down with the Anti-Kolyma Clique! We will prevail! Kolyma becomes mightier every day!
File: Discord_5wWHKIqsol.png (216 KB, 391x541) [EXIF]
216 KB
This will be posted all around seattle!

Watch the worm writhe:
https://multichan.sageru.org/threads/local/1626045076/ original
http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1626045012/ edited

more deleted threads: https://multichan.sageru.org/threads/0chan/1626045592/

This bastard should be murdered! Down with the anti-kolyma clique!
Strike down the terrible beasts.
Eliminate the gang of 3

We will attack Robert Brown on the internet, reveal his secrets to the public, spread word of his misdeeds everywhere, we will do everything in our power to ensure that he pays for his crimes!

Jail Robert Brown for uploading Child Porn! Our great Network should take this maggot to court!

Dont forget Verniy, the american RAT who uses his platform and cult of personality to attack the innocent.
Kissu and Verniy: Pedo Cultists! https://archive.is/oUesf
File: 20210701.png (4608 KB, 1180x2098) [EXIF]
4608 KB
Wow, Robert aged well!
These criminals have nowhere to escape now. Sooner or later, Kolyma Network will serve the required justice for these foolish felons.
>> 1669 KB
Verniy must be punished! Oppose the gang of 3!
>> 36 KB
File: snapshot_2021.07.14_13.53.19.jpg (30 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
30 KB
>> 37 KB
File: snapshot_2021.07.14_13.46.10.jpg (44 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
44 KB
>> 31 KB
20 of them, all around his area!
How do you know that he's in Seattle?
How do you know that he's in Seattle?

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