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File: street.jpg (34 KB, 474x316) [EXIF]
34 KB
KolymaNET is getting bigger day by day, as in, its list of services and boards, new websites and innovations are increasing constantly. But what thing has remained relatively sterile — and thats user growth.

It seems the KolymaNET-Umbrella as its called has remained as small as it was since kuz started rebuilding it in early 2020, and growth isnt really coming.

Similar problems can be found in Heyuri, gurochan, etc

Do you agree or disagree, how do we solve this, is this the fate of niche sites?
yep but nothing kuz's schizophrenia can't solve with its 30000 personalities
are you the same person who is seething becacuse he is a heckin transphobe?
hell no
i hate trannies

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