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Today, we have launched KNN (Kolyma News Navigator). You can navigate the 3 newsboards by going to https://knn.jp.net
I like this. What is the difference between newsplus, news4vep and news9ch? The last one is self explanatory.
Also is KNN going to replace Artika, another old Kolyma project focusing on imageboard news?
Glad you asked, artika is actually still coming, but its going to be a magazine instead!


check out this demo

also, its written on the boards but ill make it more specific.

newsplus is for general internet news, tech news, etc

news4vep is specifically for imageboard/textboard news (or as i like to call it, BBS news).

news9ch is the above 2, but combined, and in russian, and kolyma/9ch-related news will be posted there, as opposed to the other boards.

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