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File: enter.png (334 KB, 1003x766) [EXIF]
334 KB
After a letter from the domain registrar regarding a violation of their ToS on "Child Exploitation Material", we will no longer be hosting this website and stricter policies on drawn lines on paper will be enforced. Afterall, every time you look at fictional lolicon, a real child is hurt somewhere in the world.

Sorry folks.
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File: hosting.png (682 KB, 800x8300) [EXIF]
682 KB
You may use ti6uvyveszwck3gjojxsgx5wb5h6s56pbgulbf6ump5z7r4z7qn4mqid.onion at the moment
Good news, we will be using the privacy-centric njal.la service for domains from now on. A new loliboard domain will be coming soon.
File: 0907c5ef35a83ebec4706864850c3567.jpg (89 KB, 1024x1024) [EXIF]
89 KB
The domain name for loliboard has changed: https://lolis.g3.pm/

In addition, the other G3 websites now have backup links at:

File: 1625429917254.jpg (196 KB, 1080x720) [EXIF]
196 KB
│09:54:12 kolyma -- | irc: connecting to server irc.kolyma.org/6667...
│09:54:27 kolyma =!= | irc: connection refused
│09:54:27 kolyma -- | irc: reconnecting to server in 10 seconds │09:58:21 kolyma -- | irc: reconnecting to server...
│09:58:21 kolyma -- | irc: connecting to server irc.kolyma.org/6667...
│09:58:30 kolyma =!= | irc: connection refused
│09:58:30 kolyma -- | irc: reconnecting to server in 20 seconds
│09:58:50 kolyma -- | irc: reconnecting to server...
│09:58:50 kolyma -- | irc: connecting to server irc.kolyma.org/6667...
│09:59:50 kolyma =!= | irc: timeout
The IRC is currently hosted on Rizon
its back

File: 6b710f823ff1ac88cb45f4cd529db274.jpg (55 KB, 1000x1000) [EXIF]
55 KB
Loliboard is down and it's noticeably absent from https://g3.kolyma.org/. What up?
another one gone ;_;

File: sug.png (15 KB, 400x400) [EXIF]
15 KB
This is not a report thread. For reports, see elsewhere.

1. You can suggest features.
2. Report bugs.
3. Suggest alternatives/fixes.

in this thread.
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There is no decent imageboard to talk about monster girls. Not that I know of. Please add a monster girl board to https://lolisare.fun/
www.arhiva.cf warehouse is very well formatted for mobile phones, so if you are browsing on a phone, you should browse there for best view
couldnt you just make a monster girl thread?
There's lots of monster girls that aren't loli, which would be off-topic.The site doesn't matter; a good, general monster girl board somewhere is sorely needed.
File: Untitled.png (4 KB, 395x87) [EXIF]
4 KB
The captcha system still needs work. If it's actually a flood warning, tell the user.

File: chu2.png (23 KB, 700x700) [EXIF]
23 KB
Deleted threads (at least on heyuri) stays on arhiva.cf. is this intentional? What if someone posts something dangerous like ceepee or dox?
you should report that https://www.kolyma.org/help-support/report or on one of the IRC channels. Unless the staff have a solution?
Yeah it has a solution, deleting from the archive too. Do not ask me why i did not though of this before.

File: nothumb.gif (2 KB, 200x150) [EXIF]
2 KB

File: rb.png (480 KB, 800x697) [EXIF]
480 KB
We must struggle against the gang of 3:

This thread is for discussion and planning on actions taken against the daring american bastard, Robert Brown of Seattle Washington. His crimes include posting child pornography, slandering dearest kuznetsov, allying with the enemy to promote anti-kolyma propaganda, and attempting to dox multiple innocent people.

His "multich" website mass-censors and filters any discussion relating to his misdeeds.

An eye for an eye! Lets struggle against him!
Struggle Objectives:
1. Find Robert Browns middle name
2. Promote anti-multich sentiments and warn users of its danger
3. Attack the gang of 3 wherever its found
4. Reveal the truth about multich
5. Combat misinformation in the cliques' chatrooms.
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>> 37 KB
File: snapshot_2021.07.14_13.46.10.jpg (44 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
44 KB
>> 31 KB
20 of them, all around his area!
How do you know that he's in Seattle?
How do you know that he's in Seattle?

File: schop.jpg (97 KB, 635x470) [EXIF]
97 KB
does anyone have any sexy kuz photos
im horney and need to JACK
>> 62 KB
kuz and his friends

File: 16248010611550.png (213 KB, 600x561) [EXIF]
213 KB
>Киссу необходимо представить доказательства

File: kuz cuck meme.png (77 KB, 482x482) [EXIF]
77 KB
Kuznetsov is a kind and intelligent leader, if the tranny faggots who hated him knew half as much as we did, they would know how great he is.

Im 100% serious, 100% unironic. I love kuz and what he does
based kuzbro

File: 16106648468760.png (602 KB, 963x720) [EXIF]
602 KB
Где я? Что это? Почему нихуя не работает?
File: Fruit mines.png (926 KB, 2000x787) [EXIF]
926 KB

File: Tehsdtoad.jpg (91 KB, 750x750) [EXIF]
91 KB
I know all 50,000 kanji characters and i want my website. When tf will fka reply

File: 52806158_52806157.jpg (60 KB, 570x576) [EXIF]
60 KB
how long does it take to get your site after registering to fka.cx? I've waited 4 minutes and im getting impatient
didnt you already have one mr lucas
but seriously

File: 1621486419542-0.jpg (395 KB, 873x796) [EXIF]
395 KB
hey, schizophrenic, i am seriously considering hosting some stuff at your service
my thin-client is about to die and i am do not want to reform another one now lol

so how UNLIMITED is your unlimited?
and another, you are not going to fool me, unh? (`=´)
Sorry sir, we dont serve schizophrenic trannies.

Please see the doctors office.

File: street.jpg (34 KB, 474x316) [EXIF]
34 KB
KolymaNET is getting bigger day by day, as in, its list of services and boards, new websites and innovations are increasing constantly. But what thing has remained relatively sterile — and thats user growth.

It seems the KolymaNET-Umbrella as its called has remained as small as it was since kuz started rebuilding it in early 2020, and growth isnt really coming.

Similar problems can be found in Heyuri, gurochan, etc

Do you agree or disagree, how do we solve this, is this the fate of niche sites?
yep but nothing kuz's schizophrenia can't solve with its 30000 personalities
are you the same person who is seething becacuse he is a heckin transphobe?
hell no
i hate trannies

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